The National Memorial Arboretum

# 1043992 Burton On Trent, UK
Public & Societal Benefit
Fundraising platforms
Virgin Money Giving
Peer to Peer Financials
Year to date raised £27,392.06
Last year to current date £4,436.55
Last year total £4,436.55
Peer to Peer Overview
Events this year (Single charity)
Events this year (Multi charity)
Most popular event last 3mo n/a
Total raised n/a
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Most popular event last 12mo n/a
Total raised n/a
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Name Total Raised
Coast to Coast - 2011 £15,130.00
The National Forest Trek - 2020 £11,953.00
NMA Future Foundations Appeal's fundraising - 2015 £10,800,000.37
100 Year Challenge-In Honour of Freedom - 2015
William Coltman VC Memorial Walk - 2015
Henry Every's fundraising - 2010
AEE Summer Fan Dance
Chester Half Marathon - 2015
Fauld Explosion Sponsored Walk - 2017
Great Midlands Fun Run - 2019
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