Increase Social Reach

  • Friday, Jul 24

Increase social media presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are an important part of having your cause reach a larger audience. Below are a few steps in helping fundraisers and charities get the most out of social media.

Have an active Facebook and Twitter presence

The first step is to ensure you keep your facebook and twitter accounts active with new content, and engage with fundraisers

Regular updates with relevant event hashtags will help with tracking activity. Here's an example from Cancer Research UK.

Favourite Tweets mentioning @Username & Event hashtags

Users like to see that you've noticed their activity, you should be following notifications for your charity's @Username, along with following hashtags related to your events.

You can browse currently trending Hashtags on the Hashtags Rankings page.

Use unique Hashtags that are trackable

When promoting events, try to use unique hashtags so they are easier to track. For further hashtag analytics, you can filter by Event or Charity for any specific Hashtag, for example #JustSponsored.

Share activity and get followers to Retweet

To assist in increasing reach, ask followers to share tweets specific interesting events and activities. Don't retweet all activity that mentions your @username, as this may flood your followers with too much content.

Ensure your website is Facebook and Twitter friendly

Sharing content on Twitter and Facebook relies on meta tags being correctly setup in your web application to ensure you have the best preview available on both Twitter and Facebook. Both sites automatically embed images and summaries where available, you can define specifically want content should be shared, or the services will make a best guess at what to display.

Setting up Twitter cards

Facebook sharing best practices.