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CSV Exports

JustCharity provides comprehensive CSV export options for event summaries, charity overviews, top pages, social interactions and demographics.

Custom reporting is also available across the > 1.5 million tracked fundraising events.

Public APIs & Widgets

Public and Private APIs are available for pulling data directly from our platform into your website or CRM.

Widgets can be easily added to your website with no technical knowledge required, alternatively you can consume APIs directly and roll your own solutions.

Social Trends, Demographics & Engagement

View and report on social and upcoming events and pages. Report on engaged users and view userbase demographics.

Discover users engaging with your organisation on Twitter & Facebook, blogs and forums.


Reporting & Analytics

View engagement, demographic overviews as well as trending events and pages.

Annual financials reports viewable, where available, alongside peer to peer events and page totals

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Social Discovery

Filter users by charity, event and date. User overview with aggregate event and charity data alongside supplemental contact details and social profiles.

Users can be added to lists for quick access, as well as overview data available via reporting.

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Custom Reporting

Tracking over 1.5 million fundraising events, contact JustCharity now to provide custom reporting for your whitepaper or research.

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