Stand Up To Cancer in collaboration with Cancer Research UK

Fundraising platforms
Peer to Peer Financials
Year to date raised £763,363.55
Last year to current date £6,584,471.13
Last year total £7,389,054.70
Peer to Peer Overview
Events this year (Single charity)
Events this year (Multi charity)
Most popular event last 3mo n/a
Total raised n/a
Total pages n/a
Most popular event last 12mo n/a
Total raised n/a
Total pages n/a
Name Total Raised
Miles for Refugees - 2021 £537,512.90
Miles for Refugees - 2022 £323,409.35
London Marathon - 2023 £186,577.26
London Marathon - 2022
GSK supporting refugees in Ukraine and surrounding countries - 2022
Help Ukrainians Now - 2022
White Oak Ukraine Appeal - 2022
Ride London - 2023
London Marathon - 2020
Small Business for Ukraine - 2022
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