Rowcroft Hospice

# 282723 Torquay, UK
Health Care
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Peer to Peer Financials
Year to date raised £102,140.16
Last year to current date £132,104.99
Last year total £140,179.38
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Events this year (Single charity)
Events this year (Multi charity)
Most popular event last 3mo n/a
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Most popular event last 12mo n/a
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Name Total Raised
The Male Trail - 2020 £24,633.65
Clock to Clock... London's Big Ben to Torquay Clocktower. - 2020 £23,569.31
Sleepwalk - 2019 £20,887.96
The Male Trail - 2019
In memory of Michael Cullum - 2020
The 2.6 Challenge - 2020
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