Nottingham University Hospitals Charity

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Peer to Peer Financials
Year to date raised £2,156.06
Last year to current date £10,193.03
Last year total £164,884.45
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Events this year (Multi charity)
Most popular event last 3mo n/a
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Most popular event last 12mo n/a
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Name Total Raised
SANJ’S SNOWDON CHALLENGE - 2020 £41,144.03
Ikano Bank Robin Hood Half Marathon - 2019 £27,980.40
Martha’s March - 2022 £21,115.00
Robin Hood Half Marathon - 2022
Emma Isabelle Bottom - 2019
The big QMC Abseil - 2019
St Barnabas Gaelic Athletic Club’s Nottingham Hospitals Charity Appeal - 2020
In Memory of Hilary Wiles - 2020
Charl’s Angels - Let’s kick breast cancers ass! - 2019
The three peaks challenge - 2019
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