Top Tweets: January, Week 4

  • Saturday, Jan 31

It is not easy to get your fundraising page noticed. There are so many competing causes for those hard earned pounds these days but when a celebrity gets involved suddenly things get a little more interesting. We’ve seen a lot of spikes in our social data last week, which mostly have come down to a celebrity supporting a campaign.

The current leaders of the JustCharity Social Engagement Index, Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance (NCCA), is a good example of what happens when a celebrity steps in. When One Direction became involved with the Ruby Laura Young campaign, NCCA's social platforms suddenly went crazy. Their social reach is now well over 190 million people. And I'm sure this helped to boost their donations too.

Last week, we saw some similar celebrity campaign tweeting, with the most popular being:


But it doesn't all come down to who you know, sometimes people do lots of the hard work themselves (like dyeing their hair blue!). The third most popular tweet in our top three is by Tom Cassell, who is a man on a mission to raise £133,337 for Motor Neurone Disease.

In summary, it pays to get out there and do something a bit different. Or perhaps just find a celebrity.