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YoungMinds (UK, YoungMinds - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £115,989.43

Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI (UK, NIC105452) Browse events

YTD Raised: £115,933.50

Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI researches causes and possible cures of leukaemia and lymphoma in Northern Ireland.

Children's Hospice Association Scotland, (CHAS) (UK, SC019724) Browse events

YTD Raised: £115,404.04

CHAS is a charity that provides the only hospice services in Scotland for children and young people with life-shortening conditions. CHAS offers care in two children's hospices - Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House in Balloch - and an at home service called CHAS at Home. Visit

The Myton Hospices (UK, 516287) Browse events

YTD Raised: £113,831.07

We touch the lives of almost 4,000 people each year in Coventry & Warwickshire, in our hospices, via our patient & family support services and in the community with Myton at Home. We have to raise almost £8 million each year to continue providing our care. We can’t do it without people like you.


YTD Raised: £111,981.85

Sepsis accounts for 37,000 deaths annually in the UK, that’s more than breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer put together. Sepsis is the acute bodily reaction to infection. Symptoms initially present as flu like but can rapidly deteriorate into a life threatening condition.

AMMF (UK, 1091915) Browse events

YTD Raised: £111,257.12

AMMF is the UK's only cholangiocarcinoma charity. Our main aims are to raise the awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer), to provide information, and to support specialised research teams in their work to find the causes, methods of earlier diagnosis and treatments for this disease.

Ummah Welfare Trust (UK, 1000851) Browse events

YTD Raised: £109,169.38

Ummah Welfare Trust is a UK Registered Charity (Reg. No: 1000851) established in the year 2001. The aim of the trust is to assist and relieve the suffering of the poor and the destitute across the world. The trust operates in more than 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

CEO Sleepout (UK, 1154963) Browse events

YTD Raised: £108,707.04


Muslims In Need (UK, 1158317) Browse events

YTD Raised: £107,476.10

Muslims in Need

Jigsaw Charity (UK, 1192402) Browse events

YTD Raised: £107,372.50

Jigsaw is an entirely volunteer run charity that aims to alleviate the suffering of the world's poorest people. As well as responding to disasters and emergencies, it promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender.

Bone Cancer Research Trust (UK, 1113276) Browse events

YTD Raised: £106,377.89

BCRT is a charity dedicated to improving outcomes for people affected by primary bone cancer. We aim to achieve this improvement through Research, Awareness, Information and Support.

MS-UK (UK, 1033731) Browse events

YTD Raised: £106,112.09

MS-UK, formerly MSRC, is dedicated to supporting anyone affected by MS. At MS-UK we put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We offer support and information through our MS Advisors, and New Pathways magazine. MS-UK. Working together to live life with MS

Little Havens Children's Hospice (UK, 1022119) Browse events

YTD Raised: £105,238.30

When a family has been told that there’s no cure for their child’s illness, Little Havens Hospice can help. Our specialist care is free but we have to raise £100,000 every week to be there for everyone who needs us. That's only possible because of you. Together we're 'Making every day count'.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity (UK, 1160875) Browse events

YTD Raised: £105,113.05

It's bewildering and unsettling for anyone going into hospital but especially for children and that is why we are a fundraising hospital. We raise funds to enhance the experience of our patients by providing state of the art medical equipment and facilities and creating a child-friendly environment.

Pobl (UK, X) Browse events

YTD Raised: £104,869.55

POBL is a new Mental Health charity based in Wales that aims to educate the public and the business community around issues concerning Mental Health.We are a charity that will provide mobile support and assistance to people throughout Wales taking our road show to the communities who need us most.

Bone Cancer Research Trust (UK, 1159590) Browse events

YTD Raised: £103,959.82

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is a charity dedicated to improving outcomes for people affected by primary bone cancer. We aim to achieve this improvement through Research, Awareness, Information and Support.

The Lily Foundation (UK, 1122071) Browse events

YTD Raised: £103,648.60

It helps fund research into Mitochondrial Disease and other metabolic disorders, the training of medical teams and support for families who are stricken with metabolic disorders.

Crohn's & Colitis UK (UK, Crohn's & Colitis UK - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £103,443.19

WaterAid (UK, 288701) Browse events

YTD Raised: £103,151.97

WaterAid is an international charity. Our mission is to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities. For more information please visit - Thanks so much for your support!

Childrens Health Foundation Temple Street. (UK, 20042462) Browse events

YTD Raised: £101,872.10

With the help of our supporters we raise funds needed to ensure that children in Ireland have access to the very best paediatric equipment and supports when they need it most. We are committed to supporting Children's Health Foundation Temple Street so that it can continue to save little lives.

We Are Donors (UK, 1178843) Browse events

YTD Raised: £100,813.49

WHO WE ARE We Are Donors is a network of groups aiming to increase the number of organ donors across the UK through student led education at schools and universities. OUR MISSION - Raise awareness of organ and blood donation - Empower young people to make an informed decision about organ and blood donation - Increase the number of organ and blood donors in the UK - Help save lives WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED - We have now spoken to over 1000 students in the UK. - Before our talks 10% of students were on the organ donor registry and after 54% planned to join! - We have shown that early education about organ donation in schools increases student awareness of the issues in transplantation.

The Lord Mayor's Appeal 2014 (UK, 1148976) Browse events

YTD Raised: £100,605.90

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal 2014 is supporting four community based charities Beating bowel cancer, Princess Alice Hospice, Raleigh International and Working Chance. With your support the Appeal aims to raise over £2 million to allow the charities to expand their programmes to transform even more lives.

The Christie charity (UK, The Christie charity - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £98,309.15

Cure Parkinson's (UK, Cure Parkinson's - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £97,983.76

Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice (UK, 256789) Browse events

YTD Raised: £97,114.85

Chestnut Tree House, the only children's hospice in Sussex, cares for life-limited children and young adults aged 0-19, and provides support for their families.