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Coastside Land Trust (UK, 943290067) Browse events

YTD Raised: £34,261.71

QUEERCIRCLE (UK, 1194564) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,885.00


YTD Raised: £33,865.00

Bowel Cancer UK (UK, 1071038) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,644.27

Bowel Cancer UK aims to save lives and improve the quality of life for all those affected by bowel cancer.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (UK, 1) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,488.90

Durrell's mission is to save species from extinction by protecting the wild places and wildlife that make up our beautiful world. With your help we can create a wilder, healthier, more colourful world for us all to enjoy.

Pandas Foundation (UK, 1149485) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,460.94

PANDAS Foundation (Pre and Postnatal Depression Advice and Support) Offers a variety of support services for individuals, their families and carers who suffer with pre and postnatal illnesses (including antenatal depression, postnatal depression and postnatal psychosis). Our vision is to support every individual with pre (antenatal), postnatal depression or postnatal psychosis right across the U.K.  We provide our PANDAS Help Line open 7 days a week 9am till 8pm, support groups, online community and email support. PANDAS was founded in August 2011 and since then we have experience exceptional growth for the need for the services we offer. Unfortunately we not receive any grants or secure funding.  We rely on people like you to ensure our support continue to the families which need it the most, so whether it is fundraising for PANDAS or making a donation, you really are making a difference and helping change lives.  If you want to find out more about how to get involved with PANDAS simply visit: Don't forget you can order a Fundraising Pack from us, don't forget to let us know you have already set up your fundraising page with Virgin Money Giving. Thank you 

Ride High (UK, 1129692) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,252.18

A charity which helps some of Milton Keynes most troubled and disadvantaged children develop physical, social and academic skills by teaching them to ride and care for horses. Riding lessons are complemented by a programme of horse focussed clubroom sessions designed to enhance personal skills such as responsibility, sharing, consideration for others, politeness, self esteem and confidence.

Bounce Together (UK, 1099682I) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,241.00

Bounce Together is a restricted fund under the auspices Prism the Gift Fund, registered charity number 1099682. Bounce Together is funding Apart of Me, a registered charity supporting the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and families. Apart of Me launched in 2018 as an innovative app-based adventure game that helps bereaved children use their mobile phones or tablets to help cope with the grief and confusion caused by the loss of a loved one. A worldwide focus on mental health in recent years as seen established game developers attempt to tackle the concepts of anxiety and self-worth head on. Apart of Me have been pioneers in this field with the collaboration of over 120 volunteers around the world to build their app, which was highlighted as a best-in-class app for safe and accessible support by Good Thinking, London’s Digital Mental Wellbeing Service (backed by the London Mayor’s office, Public Health England, London councils, the NHS and ThriveLDN). The Charity Commission recently fast-tracked Apart of Me’s application to register as a charity, acknowledging both the importance of the service to children and young people affected by grief and the time-sensitive nature of the work given the legacy of loss caused by Covid-19.

The Principle Trust Children's Charity (UK, The Principle Trust Children's Charity - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,208.89

The Langdon Foundation (UK, 1142742) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,151.28

The Langdon Foundation is an independent charity for youth and adults with learning disabilities. Langdon provides education, housing, employment and social activities within a warm and caring Jewish environment and in doing so enables independent living.

SATKAR COMMITTEE UK (UK, 1176440) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,139.00

The Tides Foundation (UK, 1190256) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,059.13

The Tides Foundation is a force for philanthropy to drive positive change. We raise money to support UK charities to impact the physical and mental well being of young people and their families. The current charities in our portfolio are Think Forward, Camp Simcha and The Mix.

Children's Heartbeat Trust (UK, NIC102410) Browse events

YTD Raised: £33,001.16

The Children’s Heartbeat Trust is a small, local charity that provides emotional and practical support to parents and families of children and young people with heart disease in Northern Ireland. Over 200 babies are born with a heart disease in N.I each year. Help us to support them.

In Your Corner (IYC) (UK, 1180290) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,997.26

Qualified boxing & healthcare professionals engage with individuals and focus on improving and managing participants mental health symptoms using a fully integrated approach which tackles personal & social issues

Helen And Douglas House (UK, Helen And Douglas House - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,969.13

Cornwall Mind (UK, 1176942) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,908.49

We endeavour to prevent those who are vulnerable from developing mental health issues. We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health. We work throughout Cornwall.

BrushUpUK (UK, 1160118) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,898.16

Our aim at BrushUpUK is to assemble a group of dental professionals that believe and share our goals that everyone should have the knowledge and skills to access and maintain a good standard of oral health. The December 2015 NICE guidelines on oral health promotion highlight the need to develop a more preventative approach to dental care. To develop our key performance indicators we link our presentations and evaluations to ‘delivering better oral health’ and the NICE guidelines. BrushUpUK’s administration checks all volunteers for DBS, CPD and qualifications. We then provide tailored presentations for the preferred audience chosen by the volunteer. This gives the opportunity of an inexperienced volunteer to grow in confidence by starting with a simple group e.g. a local school, and then progressing up to educating healthcare professionals such as oncology care teams. Our dream of educating all types of carers has already taken us into 15 branches of vulnerable ‘at risk’ groups which are now being educated in preventive oral health. We are currently running a preventative project to help clients understand the dental consequences of alcohol and substance abuse. Utilising these forward-thinking, motivated dental care professionals to their full potential will benefit their local dental practice by increasing their enthusiasm within the workplace. BrushUpUK was created by a dental care professional and the current management team has a combined dental experience of almost 90 years, spanning across many different sectors within dentistry. Together, WE can make a difference and WE can generate our own movement in preventative Dentistry, by helping and supporting our Health Service and giving back to our local community.

Rosa (UK, 1124856) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,761.41

Women and girls are not short of ideas to help create change. But they are often short of the money they need to turn those ideas into reality. That is why Rosa is here - as the only UK-wide fund for women and girls, we support projects throughout the UK that are working to improve the lives of women and girls. When donating to Rosa, your money will go to supporting some of the most important and exciting projects working with women and girls. You can see more about the kinds of projects we support here.    

Future Dreams Trust Limited (UK, Future Dreams Trust Limited - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,728.19

The Dransfield Foundation (UK, 1156716) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,535.27

The Dransfield Foundation was set up in 2014 with the primary aim of supporting projects, charities and organisations focussed on helping children and young people. The Foundation offers grants and donations to organisations as well as individual children and young people under the age of 18 who may be disadvantaged by ill health or terminal illness. Grants are also available to children and young people who may not have access to funding, to allow them to take part in group led educational projects such as the study of music or sport. Support for research projects helping to identify the effectiveness of treatment and promoting the longer term health outcome of children and young people are also supported through the foundation.

Chasing Connor's Cure (UK, EW47375) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,509.24

In February 2016, our beautiful son Connor was diagnosed with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Duchenne.Duchenne effects 1 in 3500 boys in the UK. It attacks the muscles and in most cases mobility is lost by the age of 10. It will eventually attack the lungs and heart which will lead to prematurely taking life from the late 20’s. Unfortunately, it has no cure. However, with your help good news is on the horizon. Research is underway for both enhanced therapy and a cure, but it’s vital for Connor and boys like Connor these projects receive funding to continue and even accelerate their development. Our mission is to end Duchenne in the next 5 years. Please support us to find a cure for this devastating disease.

St Catherine's Hospice Crawley (UK, St Catherine's Hospice Crawley - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,321.78

The Ickle Pickles Children's Charity (UK, The Ickle Pickles Children's Charity - N/A) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,321.37

Standing Tall Foundation (UK, 1197446) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,302.13

The Standing Tall Foundation promote the physical and mental health of the public through the provision of counselling, addiction support and physical activity initiatives. We further extend this support into the community to help those in financial hardship, including the homeless.

British Lung Foundation Scotland & Northern Ireland (UK, 326730) Browse events

YTD Raised: £32,293.85

One person in five in the UK is affected by lung disease. Millions more are at risk. We are the UK's lung charity and we are here for every one of them, whatever their condition. We are the British Lung Foundation. Leading the fight against lung disease.