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Abu Zahra Foundation (UK, 1089440) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,939.28

Established in June 2001, Abu Zahra Foundation ( is an educational institute providing relevant and effective courses in all the traditional Islamic Sciences for children and adults.

Three Pillars (UK, 1127804) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,853.70


Pips Hope & Support (UK, 102127) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,793.37

PIPS Hope and Support (Formerly Newry & Mourne) was established in 2003 by people who had experienced suicide in their families. The organisations aims are to help save lives, support those affected by suicide and self-harm and provide suicide prevention training and education workshops

St Mary's Hospice (UK, 517738) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,369.96

St Mary’s Hospice provides specialised supportive and palliative care for people with life-shortening conditions throughout South Cumbria. Only 22% of our funding comes from the NHS, the rest comes from our supporters. All our services are provided free to patients and their families.

Ashgate Hospice (UK, 700636) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,368.83

An independent registered charity covering North Derbys, provides specialist palliative care to terminally ill adults and their families, maintaining best quality of life throughout illness. All services are provided free of charge. £4 million must be raised annually from voluntary giving.

Al-Imdaad Foundation U.K. (UK, 1140187) Browse events

YTD Raised: £54,313.05

Al-Imdaad Foundation is a registered UK charity providing humanitarian aid relief with its 5 international offices. Al-Imdaad are dedicated to providing humanitarian services in crisis and non-crisis situations to most needy orphans, widows and destitute. Currently working in over 65 countries.

Love Running (UK, 1170194) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,679.09

Love Running gets hundreds of ordinary people running their local 10k road race to raise money for the poor, the oppressed and the needy. Get fit. Get friends. Change the world.

Royal British Legion Industries (UK, 210063) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,559.46

We provide employment, support and care to the Armed Forces Community and those disadvantaged by disability, a health condition or social welfare need.

MWF UK (UK, 1084057) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,554.86

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is one of the largest non-government international charity organisation in the world, with a network of branches and projects in over 100 countries worldwide. MWF is fully registered with the UK charity commission.

Mencap (UK, 222377) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,513.93

Mencap wants a world where people with a learning disability gain an equal right to choice opportunity and respect. The charity believes that people should have equal opportunities in education, work and in playing a full part in the community. They believe that support for the families and carers of people with a learning disability is vital to achieving their vision

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity (UK, 1165716) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,334.21

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity is the official charity of the Queen Elizabeth & Selly Oak hospitals in Birmingham, including the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine where military patients are treated from around the world. Find out more at Your support is much appreciated.

The Candlelighters Trust (UK, 1045077) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,203.29

The Candlelighters Trust (Candlelighters) is Yorkshire’s pre eminent children’s cancer charity, providing practical, emotional and financial support to children living with cancer in Yorkshire and their families. For more information on Candlelighters

The PSP Association (UK, 1037087) Browse events

YTD Raised: £53,163.04

The PSP Association is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting those living with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Cortico Basal Degeneration. We provide help and support for those living with PSP whilst funding research into the causes, treatment and eventual cure of this disease.

Down's Syndrome Association (UK, 1061474) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,851.93

Two babies are born every day with Down's syndrome. Through information and support for people with Down's syndrome, their families and professionals, the Down's Syndrome Association helps these people live full and rewarding lives.

St Andrews Hospice Lanarkshire (UK, SC010159) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,679.90

St. Andrew's Hospice provides specialist palliative care services to the people of both North and South Lanarkshire - the total care of patients who require complex symptom management and or end-of-lifecare. The Hospice is Lanarkshire's Centre of Excellence and provides vital multidisciplinary support for patients, their families, and carers to help them with the traumas and challenges they face.

Nottingham University Hospitals Charity (UK, 1165397) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,335.01

Nottingham Hospitals Charity enhances patient care at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust’s Queen’s Medical Centre & City Hospital. Donations help provide added extras such as improved facilities, equipment, research & staff development.Our website is

Leukaemia Care (UK, 1183890) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,251.72

Leukaemia Care provides vital support, information and advice to anyone whose life has been affected by a blood cancer. We not only support patients, but carers and families too whose lives are impacted when someone they know and loves receives a diagnosis.

Zahra Trust (UK, 1129501) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,202.93

The Zahra Trust was founded five years ago as a compassionate response to witnessing poverty first hand in the Middle East. It was established as a unique transparent organisation that not only assists with aid but also raises awareness of development, humanitarian and spiritual issues.

Alabare Christian Care Centres (UK, 1006504) Browse events

YTD Raised: £52,028.48

Alabaré provides a range of homes and services including supported accommodation, drop-in centres, activities, advice and training services. We support homeless people, Armed Forces Veterans, young people, and adults with a learning disability - helping them to achieve independent fulfilling lives.

Khalsa Aid International (UK, 1163294) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,784.34

Khalsa Aid International Who We Are & What We Do Khalsa Aid is a UK based humanitarian relief charity providing support around the world to victims of natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine and war. Our team is often one of the first on the scene to help distribute food, water, clothing, medical and sanitation supplies. We fund and build semi-permanent shelters, if needed anything that’s required in those early days to save lives, reduce people’s immediate suffering and help maintain their dignity. The charity was founded by Ravi Singh, who was struck by the plight of the refugees in Kosovo in 1999. That year also marked the 300th birth anniversary of the Khalsa, an opportunity for the community to reflect on the core teachings of their faith. Ravi saw the footage of the Kosovan refugees on the news and was inspired by one Sikhi ideology in particular, Sarbat da Bhalla, meaning well-being for all, recognising the humanity in us all and reaching out to those in need, regardless of race, religion, borders. At the time of the celebrations across the UK, and around the world, there were terrible images on the news of refugees struggling to cross the cold and mountainous border to reach a safer and peaceful Albania Khalsa Aid was born. Whilst the inspiration for the charity stems from a strong belief in the Sikh principles, our work is by no means restricted to the Sikh community. Khalsa Aid became the first ever cross-border international humanitarian aid organisation based on the Sikh principles. Since 1999, we have been able to provide crucial aid to millions of people around the world: from victims of the Yemen Civil War to refugees landing on the shores of Greece from the Middle East and, more recently, the Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar seeking refuge in Bangladesh, to earthquake, flood and hurricane stricken areas in Nepal, Australia, and the Caribbean.

Heads Together for The Mix (UK, 1048995HT) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,754.24

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are spearheading a new campaign, Heads Together, to end stigma around mental health. It will be the biggest single project Their Royal Highnesses have undertaken together. The Heads Together campaign aims to change the national conversation on mental wellbeing and will be a partnership with inspiring charities with decades of experience in tackling stigma, raising awareness, and providing vital help for people with mental health challenges. The Mix is a multi-channel service designed to support the physical and mental wellbeing of young people under 25 across the UK whatever their issue through the technology of their choice. •             31% of younger people will have experienced family breakdown by  their 16thbirthday. •             52% of those seeking help with homelessness are under 25 •             Nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from sever depression •             70% increase in those attending A&E as a result of self-harm Whatever issue a young person is facing, The Mix is always there for them, providing help information and support – 24/7 and 365 days a year. The Mix is a free, confidential support service offering help through phone, text, web, social, and counselling. Your fundraising will help The Mix support vulnerable young people all over the UK.

St Gemma's Hospice (UK, 1015941) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,609.55

St. Gemma's Hospice provides specialist medical and nursing care for people with life threatening illnesses, predominantly cancer, along with support for their families, in the In-Patient Unit, by the community care nurses, in the Day Hospice, or as an Out-Patient.

Children's Hospice South West (UK, 1003314) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,576.74

At CHSW we help and support children and their families who are living with life-limiting conditions. We provide a loving and caring place for the whole family. A place where everyone can find expert care and support in facing an uncertain future.

Down's Syndrome Scotland (UK, SC011012) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,530.10

Down's Syndrome Scotland works to improve the quality of life and maximise the potential of everyone with Down's syndrome in Scotland by offering advice, support and information from a team of specialist staff. Down's Syndrome is the most common form of learning disability occurring in about 1 in 1000 births.

Acorns Children's Hospice Trust (UK, 700859) Browse events

YTD Raised: £51,505.89

Acorns Children’s Hospice provides care and support for children and young people who have life limiting or life threatening conditions and support for all the family. It costs £750 per day for each child’s care. Acorns relies on the community to fund over 70% of it's activities.